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Letter Paintings by Jan Mladovsky

Jan Mladovsky’s Letter Paintings come in series. Each painting consists of a figure against a ground, that figure being the greater part of a letter seen as a three dimensional object from some particular viewpoint. The letters are often over-large sans-serif structures that will not fit into the dimensions provided by the picture; they suggest the title script of Twentieth Century Fox projected through the aesthetics of Constructivism and Modernist architecture. The letter H shoots into the air like a monolith against the City skyline (there are people processing information and making money up there) and one half expects to see the occasional gull or pigeon to swoop through the ochre-coloured atmosphere that constitutes the ground. The viewer’s eye tumbles about in space in order to read the series of letters that constitute, in this case, the word SHIT. One could argue by analogy that a fresco cycle constitutes a narrative unit, or that a single religious painting is automatically read in the context of a known story. One could regard the series as an installation and have done with it. Certainly this series of iconic letters (iconic in every sense) gains something from being displayed in the correct sequence.

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